Working at Lomas Hill.

The Lomas Hill community seeks to attain a balance between the quality of our academic program, the design of our facilities and our organizational culture. By sharing our workload amongst highly-skilled professionals we can produce better results for the benefit of our community.

We are vision and reality

HR Vision

We seek to satisfy the needs of our students and their families by offering a modern, bilingual, and multicultural educational model.

Each and every one of our students deserves the best educational experience. To achieve this, the staff at Lomas Hill has to be passionate, committed, experienced and knowledgeable.

We firmly believe that constant innovation, the quality of our educational model and the professional development of our staff enables us to grow as an institution. Lomas Hill recognizes talent and encourages internal growth in a respectful, competitive, and friendly environment full of challenges and achievements.

We are looking for

Qualified, professional, creative, and committed with an excellent work ethic
and the desire to embrace Lomas Hill’s culture and values with passion and inspiration.

Do you have what it takes to be part of Lomas Hill?

Job Offers
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Forma parte del equipo Lomas Hill. International Baccalaureate World School, constructivista y multicultural.
Estamos reclutando para el ciclo escolar que inicia en agosto 2021.

if you have interested, please send us an email to: [email protected]

Leadership is the capacity to translate

We are allies, we share success

For details of the benefits to which you are entitled, or if you represent a company and wish to be part of the Lomas Hill alliances, please contact us at the admissions office.