We form upright and daring people, capable of transcending, facing challenges with determination.

Unique and authentic people, with critical, reflective and creative thinking with scientific, technological and cultural bases in a modern, constructivist and bilingual educational model. Individuals with social and artistic skills governed by ethics, responsibility and humanism, for a changing, inclusive world with great opportunities.

The Lomas Hill student is
free, happy, ethical, bold and transformative.

Our Academic Offer

“Play is the highest form of research.”


The foundations that are formed at the beginning of a child's education are fundamental for learning it in the future.

“You are capable of more than you know.”


Our students develop cultural awareness and sensitivity through learning experiences, adopting global points of view.

“When you are in your teenage years you are
consciously experiencing everything for the first time,
so adolescent stories are all beginnings.
There are never any endings.”

Middle School

children follow a transdisciplinary research program, allowing them to make meaningful connections between different topics.

“We cannot become what we want
by remaining what we are.”

After School

In our afterschool workshops, children develop different key skills in the process of integral development.