Inspiration + Motivation

Art and culture have a special place at Lomas Hill. Inspired and motivated children explore all areas of the curriculum. By doing so, they develop as a whole. As part of their daily classes, children at Elementary School take art, music, and theater lessons. Middle School students have the option of continuing their formation in the arts they most enjoy. In addition to the official schedule, we have a variety of extracurricular alternatives, including dance and others as part of the After-School program to complement their formation.

Art enables us to fin ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Bilingual study

We consider reading an important part of our curriculum, as it has clear benefits for language development amongst many other benefits. Our ERIC (Everybody Reading in Class) program inspires students to develop a love for reading, as well as helping them develop greater self-esteem, concentration, critical and analytical thinking, good memory and vocabulary. Children have weekly access to our library to encourage their interest in topics that appeal to them, as well as a valuable resource for research projects. We promote various book fairs throughout the school year.

Independence and Knowledge

From Kindergarten 3 and up to 5th grade, children have specialized classes in technology, and the use of new technology is integrated into our curriculum in a practical way. Through the use of G Suite for Education (Google for Education) children develop competent and practical skills so that they can use technology in their daily lives. Children learn to work by themselves and in collaboration with peers to develop critical thinking and problem- solving skills.

Independent Learning

In Middle School, children build on the skills they have developed in Elementary School and are encouraged to apply their knowledge. Our science & technology curriculum provides a template for students to solve problems both in and out of the classroom. Children also develop computer coding skills and have the opportunity to create their own Android apps.

Applied Learning

Our research-based learning approach is supported by the science lab, allowing children to learn by seeing, handling and manipulating actual objects and materials. Learning is reinforced by a debate of their experiences and measurements, the patterns observed, and how they can be interpreted and explained. Middle School students also participate in the STEAM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), where they present an multidisciplinary project aimed at solving a real world problem.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

Physical well-being

Physical activity and exercise are essential for both the physical and psychological well-being of children. All students have regular physical education sessions in the gym or and on our sports fields. These classes also give students an opportunity to learn about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and personal care. Physical education makes it easier for children to have healthy social interactions, teaching them cooperation through group activities and encouraging teamwork by belonging in a team.

Sports do not build character,
they reveal it.

Complementary activities

Physical education classes are complemented by our extensive After School program. Soccer and basketball teams participate in local tournaments, children compete in swimming and triathlon competitions, and receive karate and tae-kwon-do training to prepare them for their FEMEKA and FMTKD qualification exams.