Educational questioning

The foundation of the Lomas Hill Elementary curriculum is the IB's PYP (The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program). The PYP is a a concept-based program that supports and encourages children to ask questions and obtain answers about the world around them through inquiry.

Meaningful connections

At Lomas Hill, children follow a transdisciplinary research program, allowing them to make significant connections between different subjects. Learning at Lomas Hill is based on six themes that are the starting point of all student research projects

Who We Are
Where We Are in Place and Time
How We Express Ourselves
How the World Works
How We Organize Ourselves
Sharing Our Planet

Collaborative learning

A festivity is held at the culmination of PYP at the end of 5th grade, which is the PYP Exhibition. This presentation is one of the components of the PYP research project, which is organized by the students themselves. It shows us everything the children have learned throughout the program, including attitudes, behaviors, and abilities. We strongly believe that learning is a result of collaboration, and the PYP Exhibition perfectly exemplifies this notion. The entire Lomas Hill community gets involved in the presentation of 5th grade students by participating in its organization, by facilitating resources for presenting students, or simply by mentoring them.

Bilingual Study

All Elementary school students develop English language proficiency by following a 100% bilingual curriculum, with the same amount of time spent in English and Spanish language coursework. One of the activities that complement this progress is a short break during class where children have the option to read any book of their choosing in silence. Some of the tangible and quick benefits of this program, which we call ERIC (Everybody Reading in Class), is that it expands children's vocabulary, improves knowledge of grammatical structures and writing skills, develops critical thinking and assists them to understand new concepts.